​​​​Pride Through Strife


The name originated during a time period where nearly every member of the crew owned an old Volkswagen Beetle. Anyone who has ever owned one of these classic vehicles will understand the day to day struggle of just keeping the machine road worthy. The credo Pride Through Strife was imagined by the oldest of the three brothers (Aaron) and was stenciled into the roof of his '60's VW as a constant reminder that through our adversities and experiences we are empowered. Learning through our struggles; whether it was replacing a wheel on the side of the highway, or pulling an engine at 3am just to ensure a ride to work. We discovered that working together we could accomplish something seemingly impossible. These experiences would inevitably set the foundation of our entire outlook upon life, learning to take pride in the the strength gained through hard work. This is the fundamental idea behind "Pride Through Strife" which makes our music so cohesive. It's the connection between our peers, the fans, our friends and family that really drives this passionate music out of our souls.​

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Pride Through Strife is more than a band name; It is a way of life. Respecting your struggles and allowing yourself the reward of feeling prideful after making it through a tough life situation. From failing relationships to revolutionary political tones and everything in between; PTS is dedicated to supplying positive messages through music. Reminding their fans that we are all one and can live life alongside one another without disrespect or prejudice. 

Established in 2010; The band currently has two singles “2 fingers” and “A Very Merry Christmas” (An original seasonal tune) as well as an EP named “In Root” with six original tracks. “2 Fingers” The most recent of the releases is a smooth high energy track that takes you through the experience of connecting with the crowd. More specifically a woman who is enjoying the music and feeling a connection with her while on stage as their eyes meet hers. “A Very Merry Christmas” is just that; A cheerful tune about remembering that the holiday season is all about family, friends, and a good time. With a playful jazz influenced hook and beautiful harmonies scattered throughout; it’s a wonderful holiday treat. “InRoot” is a collection of six songs with a wide range of themes. From “Music” a sort of musicians’ anthem to “Valley Girl” which is about that one woman who got away. Most will relate to the themes, message, and groove of this selection of original tracks. Mitchell Hillman a renowned music critic/ publicist in Arizona wrote a full review of the EP and within remarked:

“In all actuality, the cynicism is pretty welcomed—perfect timing, perfect place…”Shady Lady” is probably one of the most perfect songs that borders on a misogynist glance at feminine infidelity. It is brought to you by a damaged ego, delivered by a destroyed love and wrapped in a simply amazing package.” 

This fusion of Reggae, Alternative Rock, Funk and positivity is a breath of fresh air. Pride Through Strife brings their own original creativity to these awesome fusions reminiscent of Sublime’s super groove rhythm section, strong political statements that of which are partially influenced by Rage Against the Machine, and vocal harmonies so tight they hit you like a wave crashing upon you. No matter what gets you down these boys will always encourage you to “Stay Up” while uplifting you with their high energy positive music.